EDMONDS, Wash. -- Monday night, investigators were on the scene of a fatal fire in Edmonds. It happened at an apartment building on the 8600 block of 240th St SW.

From the outside of the building, you could hardly tell anything had happened. No damage was visible.

A man living downstairs said his dog was the first to noticed something was wrong.

My puppy was playing with his toys and he stopped playing and looked around, said William Brisebois. He had never done that before.

Brisebois says a woman lives by herself in the upstairs unit. He thought it sounded like she was rearranging her furniture.

It was kind of weird. Inever heard any noise coming from there before, he said.

Then an alarm went off so he called 911. When firefighters moved inside, they were hit by smoke in the living room.

Entered the second floor unit, extinguished the fire very quickly, then discovered there was a victim, said Leslie Hynes, spokesperson for Snohomish Fire District 1.

All firefighters would say is that an adult was dead inside, along with a pet cat. There was no sign of any crime.

How could a fire so small be fatal?

I've seen small fires where people were overcome by smoke, said Hynes. But she was not sure if that was the case here.

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