MCCALL, Idaho -- The McCall Pancake House fell victim to a very strange crime, the involved a half-naked man in a crib.

When staff came in Saturday morning, the restaurant was a mess; things from the restaurant balcony were thrown into the dining area. That's when the owner called 911, but it all got even stranger when Idaho State Police arrived.

When they headed upstairs, which there's only one business upstairs, it' heirloom attic, they could hear somebody snoring. He'd broken the door into that business also, said owner Bonnie Bertram.

Police found Jeffery Baney naked from the waist-down sleeping in an antique baby crib in the shop above the Pancake House.

They went inside and heard him snoring and ordered him to put his hands up. Of course, he was too sleepy to get up so they went and helped him up. They yanked him out of the baby bed, said Bertram.

Baney was arraigned Monday on two counts of felony malicious injury to property, and one count of misdemeanor trespassing. McCall Police say alcohol was involved in this incident.

Bertram said she can laugh about it more now, but she was very angry. She said it took four people about two hours to clean up the mess. That day, which fell during the McCall Winter Carnival weekend, was their busiest business day ever.

I think people find it funny that he found a crib to crawl into and he's a big boy so he could not have been very comfortable in there. But he was snoozing heavily when the officers found him, she said.

She said they estimate $3,000 to $5,000 in damages.

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