A Garden Valley man who survived an attempted murder last year appeared on national TV today.

Ramon Fry was 19 years old when four people, including his in-laws, conspired to kill him in what prosecutors called an execution chamber in an Ontario, Oregon garage.

Fry was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show along with the Deputy District Attorney for Malheur County, Michael Dugan.

Both Fry and Dugan talked about the case and the trial.

As the research started coming out I found out they put so much planning into this, it's like the stuff you see in Hollywood, but it actually happened, said Fry.

Fry's ex-father-in-law, Lester Earl Reger, is serving 130 months in prison for trying to kill Fry.

Lester's wife, Erlene, was sentenced to 90 months for her role in the crime.

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