Dinner time at my house is frantic! And that s putting it mildly. Sometimes I m just at a loss for what to feed my family of five. Even I m tired of chicken served one of three ways. Well, here s an idea I d love to try. Meal swaps. A group of women get together and swap dinners. Each woman is responsible for making one freezer-friendly meal for each of the other families in the group.

Angela Russell, a mother of two, says freezer meal swaps have saved her time and money. For example, she spent about 2 hours and $40 making sweet and sour meatballs for 8 people. After the swap, she walked away with 8 different meals that will feed her family of four.
Russell explains because you re buying ingredients for a large number of people, you can purchase in bulk, which saves money.

Russell s friend, who hosts the swaps, suggests setting guidelines such as making sure there are a variety of meals and no duplicates, avoiding spicy foods and keeping the group small.
Sounds like a plan to me. Happy meal swapping! Bon Appetite.

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