SPOKANE, Wash.-- Authorities arrested three teenagers suspected of driving down Spokane streets and pelting pedestrians with paintballs.

Officers arrested the trio Wednesday after receiving several reports of a truck shooting paintballs at multiple North Spokane locations, including the Shadle and Hillyard neighborhoods.

Officers pulled the truck over near 2200 E. Queen Street and arrested Robert D. Lee, 18, Kainoa A. Adams, 19, and Samuel D. Salsbury, 19.

Authorities confiscated a paintball gun and a large amount of paintballs inside the truck. Upon investigating, detectives said at least five different pedestrians were shot with paintballs from the truck. One of those victims received medical treatment.

The suspects were charged with five counts of Third Degree Assault, which is a felony.

Police believe additional citizens were assaulted by the suspects. Anyone who was shot with a paintball or has information on the assaults is encouraged to Crime Check at 456-2233.

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