Members of Seattle's NAACP on Saturday converged on a well-known intersection in Seatle's Central District to vent their frustration over what they call excessive police force.

Members of Seattle's NAACP say 23rd and Union is a significant landmark for its distrust of Seattle police.

There have been several incidents involving police and the public here that have critics concerned.

It s also where, back in October, Leo Etherly was punched in the face by Seattle Police Officer Eric Faust.

The man claimed excessive force.

Dash cam video shows the altercation. Recently, it was at the center of a legal battle between Etherly's attorney and the city over release of the evidence.

Police say Etherly spit at officers and resisted arrest. Etherly claims excessive force.

Saturday s gathering was designed to send a big message, to allow people to vent frustrations with the police, how it deals with the public and what's being done about it at city hall.

In order to be in a place where the people feel comfortable in interacting with police once again we need to protect our good officers by firing those that violate civil rights, said James Bible, NAACP.

The Etherly incident is being investigated by Seattle's Office of Professional Accountability.

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