CALDWELL -- A kindergarten teacher in Caldwell has been investigated for isolating a 5-year-old boy in a dark room at school for at least an hour. And that's just the beginning of the investigation.

The kindergarten teacher forgot she had placed the boy in the room. She left school for the day and left the boy behind.

James Cagle says he and his wife began to panic Wednesday when their 5-year-old son Tanner did not come home from school.

After about 45 minutes, Cagle says he and his wife went to Washington Elementary School to look for Tanner who attends morning kindergarten.

He says his wife went back to the classroom area and found Tanner in a room, in the dark.

He was scared. He was crying. He had urinated on himself. You know just think about that. A five-year-old boy, said James Cagle.

Cagle says his son had been in the room for an hour and a half, possibly an hour and 45 minutes.

Caldwell Superintendent Tim Rosandick says the room is called a tutor room. It is where aides work with students one-on-one for educational purposes.

Rosandick says the room is also used by the emotionally-impaired classroom for pre-approved student management -- to remove a child from a classroom when he becomes violent toward himself or others.

However, the superintendent says the room is not intended to be used in that way for the regular education classrooms.

Rosandick says what Tanner's teacher did is not a preferred practice.

This is at the very least a very regrettable set of circumstances, said Rosandick. I can understand why the parents would be upset about this. I would be upset about this. We're quite upset about it. The teacher feels awful about it. And it's not something that we want to occur again.

Rosandick said for whatever reason the teacher put the child in the room at the end of the day while she gathered the rest of the children together.

He says the teacher has been investigated and the Caldwell School District has taken the appropriate personnel actions against her, but he isn't at liberty to say more.

We are not mentioning the name of the kindergarten teacher because she has not been charged with a crime.

Meanwhile, James Cagle met with the school principal Thursday morning. They agreed to place Tanner in another kindergarten classroom for the remainder of the school year.

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