PUYALLUP, Wash. --Aside from packed malls, cash-strapped parents will also deal with the stress of expensive wish lists this holiday season. But, Santa is on their side.

At Puyallup s South Hill Mall, Jolly Ol St. Nick knows the pressure parents like Colin Findlay feel this time of year.

Christmas can get expensive. It s tough to make ends meet sometimes, it s tight, said Findlay, a father of three.

While families may have less money to go around, their kids requests are economy proof.

iPads and phones. A lot of them ask for computers, said Santa.

Findlay s sons are no exception. Instead of pricey electronics or toys, Santa brings up other cheaper options. They often encourage kids to be active, use their imagination or involve the whole family.

One of them wanted an iPod, so I ask them what other things they like to do. One brother liked Legos, so I kind of worked towards the Legos on that, said Santa.

Santa urges parents not to stress out about getting everything their kids want.

Get what you can afford and what comes from the heart, he said.

Findlay says thanks to Santa, there will still be a jolly Christmas, just at a fraction of the cost.

It s nice to have Santa in your corner, he takes care of all of us, said Findlay.

Santa is at South Hill Mall seven days a week until Christmas Eve at 5pm.
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