NEAR DUVALL - He thought it was the perfect spot.

But now, Bob Siko looks up from his home and wonders, Are we living below the bomb?

This after he says another two feet of water and mud came hurtling towards his home overnight.

His home, once a pastoral setting, looking out at a barn across the street is surrounded by mud.

King County engineers believe a naturally occurring beaver dam breach on Nov. 5 sent yards of heavy material towards his home off of 124th. Siko says he hasn't been given a straight answer about the severity of the issue.

I would like to know if this place is safe for me to be at right now. I would like to know if my kids are in jeopardy, says the father of four. It's mud and debris, and rolling boulders and logs. The type of materials that could do a lot of damage, or take my kids away.

A spokesman for the King County Department of Natural Resources did not return a call for comment on Sunday. There did not appear to be any work crews in the area, but volunteers were helping to try and clear the debris from Siko's property.

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