PORTLAND -- A mother-to-be says she had no choice but to jump for it when a drive through the streets of North Portland took a dangerous turn.

She says an acquaintance deliberately tried to kill her by driving onto the MAX tracks.

I m ten weeks pregnant, 20-year-old Angelinna Logan said.

Logan is pregnant with her second child and she should be resting, but she really has no other choice with an injured right leg.

The back tire ran over my leg and made it big and swollen to the point I can't walk on it, she said.

Logan was riding shotgun in a mini-van driven by a family acquaintance when something went horribly wrong early Thursday afternoon.

She just started speeding out of nowhere, so I said what are you doing, you were supposed to turn right there, what are you doing? she said. She was looking straight ahead and kept driving. She kept going faster and faster, so I couldn't open my door. I was telling her to let me out, and I couldn't open my door.

According to Logan, the woman said nothing and steered the vehicle right onto the MAX tracks near North Interstate Avenue and North Argyle Street.

As soon as the vehicle made it onto the viaduct, Logan jumped.

I had to jump out of a moving vehicle to save my own life because she wouldn't stop, she said.

Police cited the driver for reckless driving and driving uninsured. Detectives said she drove onto the tracks because she was distracted by an argument with Logan, but Logan tells a much different story.

She knew everything that happened. It was intentional and she was trying to hurt both of us, trying to commit a murder suicide, she said.

Logan said she and her unborn child are fortunate to have survived.

I want to see her go to jail. I think she needs to be arrested. She assaulted me, put my life in danger, me and my kid, Logan said.

KGW chose not to identify the driver in this case because she could not be reached for comment. Police were looking into the allegations.

KGW reporter Mike Benner contributed to this report.

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