SPOKANE, Wash.-- A driver going too fast for conditions lost control her of car early Monday and slammed into a fire hydrant, according to authorities.

The woman was driving near Hawthorne and Nevada just before 8 a.m., when her car slipped in snowy conditions. She then ran up and over a fire hydrant, spewing water out into the intersection.

Police say the driver had to be pulled out of her sedan, with water flowing underneath the back, right end of the car. Medical crews say the woman hurt her back.

But the emergency did not end there. The snapped hydrant sent thousands of gallons of water into the area by a Pacific Pride commercial vehicle fueling station. It took crews more than an hour to find the correct valve to shut off. Authorities were concerned all that water could dislodge the commercial fuel tanks.

The tanks stayed in tact and crews cleared the scene around 9:30 a.m.

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