The Washington State Patrols says what started as a road rage incident Saturday ended when a pit maneuver was used to stop the suspect.

The State Patrol says at about 2:15 p.m. they started getting 911 calls from the victim saying another driver shot at him on northbound I-5 at the Tacoma Dome.

The victim then started following the suspect. They exited near the Port of Tacoma Way, pulled over into a parking lot and got into an argument. The suspect pointed a gun at the victim and then took off and was spotted by Fife Police.

Troopers and King County Sheriff deputies joined the pursuit, which ended a short time later in Federal Way, where troopers performed a pit maneuver on the suspect's Ford SUV, pinned him in and took the 42-year-old Tacoma man into custody.

We have confirmed there are actually three bullet holes in the back of the victim's vehicle, said Cliff Pratt, Washington State Patrol. There were shots fired, it went in through the rear window of the victim s vehicle.

No one was hurt.

Troopers say the suspect is looking at a weapons charges, suspicion of DUI and eluding police

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