The King County Elections Department has received complaints of voters being solicited by strangers to hand over their ballots.

While some may be legit, officials tell voters there s no guarantee your ballot will be counted. According to election officials there are only two secure ways to deliver your ballot. By mail or taking it to an official drop off location.

One was held on Sunday in West Seattle on 35th Ave SW.

King County Executive Dow Constantine urges voters to play it safe and not give their ballot to someone they don t trust.

You don t know where it s sitting. You don t know the person who s supposed to deliver it. There s a chain of custody problem now with your ballot. We are simply advising citizens, don t hand it over to someone you don t know, he said.

On Friday, KING 5 News found Republican teams going door to door in East King County, offering to pick up ballots from GOP voters. Election officials say it s perfectly legal. It s only against the law if the ballots are delivered to the county or they re thrown away.

To confirm your ballot has reached the elections department, visit the tracking system website on the county elections website.

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