The few remaining ballot boxes in Washington are now open for voters. Most of the state now casts its vote by mail, but until Election Day, counties have a dwindling number of accessible voting centers available.

Green River Community College is one of five voting centers in King County. On Saturday there was more staff than voters.

I actually didn't recieve a ballot, said Mike Izak. It's more official, I feel, to come here.

It was slightly more crowded at Union Station. For a variety of reasons, people came to cast their votes like they used to.

There is something that makes me feel a little more secure that it's not going to get lost in the mail, said Alanna Lake.

So how many voters are actually using these machines this year? Downtown on Friday it was 37 voters. In Renton there were 66, but at the other facilities around King County, no more than 12.

It's a lot different than the scenes in other early voting states. The number of polling places in Washington is shrinking, though it'll never completely go away.

I knew exactly what I wanted to vote for and I did, said Izak.

Officials expect last-minute voting to pick up by Election Day, when the deadline is 8 p.m.

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