BLACHLY, Ore. -- A log truck barreling down the highway narrowly missed a group of children a school bus near Triangle Lake Tuesday afternoon.

The bus from Triangle Lake Charter School was stopped with its red lights flashing and letting children cross the road, the school's principal Bill Beaudoin told KGW.

That's when a log truck that wasn't slowing down came down Highway 36 from the west.

The bus driver, Pam Alley, noticed the truck and immediately started honking the horn and motioning the children to get out of the road, Beaudoin said.

Once the children were out of the way, Alley gunned the engine and made room for the truck on the right side of the bus.

Our bus driver is the real hero here, Beaudoin said. Alley was directly responsible for there being no injuries and not any damage to our bus.

Beaudoin said no one was injured, and remarkably, no damage was done to the bus.

Alley said the driver of the log truck told her he could not stop because his brakes had failed.

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