J.R. Celski of Federal Way became the first short-track speedskater to break the 40-second barrier in the 500 meters, setting a world record of 39.973 second Sunday in a World Cup final.

He smashed it! Celski's mother told KING 5 News.

Celski placed third in the Men's 1000 meters on Saturday, behind Vladimir Grigorev of Russia and Oliver Jean of Canada.

Celski represented the USA in the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 when he was just 19 years old. He won two bronze medals.

He is currently embroiled in a controversy involving US Speedskating. Head coach Jae Su Chun has been suspended while the organization looks into complaints filed by Celski and other skaters that Chun has been abusive in his training techniques and has asked at least one skater to sabotage an opponent s skates. Chun has denied the allegations but his suspension has split the team, with about half supporting him and the other half, Celski included, saying they don t want to train with him any more.

The World Cup tour moves on to Montreal next week

KING 5's Susan Wyatt and Allen Schauffler contributed to this report.

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