SPOKANE--The Spokane Library Board may have to consider closing multiple library branches because of a budget shortfall.

Next year, the SLB will be able to keep all six of the city s libraries open because of some extra savings due to cuts. Officials say that will soon run out.

This year the library board was able to balance its budget by laying off five employees, cutting supplies, training, travel and contracts. That money will make up a $400,000 shortfall and keep the city s three smaller libraries from being closed.

In 2014, however, Library Director Pat Partovi says the board may be forced to close multiple branches if it doesn t receive more funding. Partovi says Spokane libraries have consistently received less money from the city for the past three years. Partovi says she doesn t advocate branch closures.

One option for the city could be to put a levy before voters to raise property taxes by a small amount.

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