Police are searching for a suspect in a fatal shooting in Tacoma Saturday night.

Witnesses say this was a birthday party for friends but someone put the address on Facebook and some uninvited guests showed up.

Party organizers say when word spread that someone had a gun they were told to go.

We didn't know him, we didn't know the other guys that were with him so we asked him to leave. It's not that kind of place, we're all family here so we don't carry guns, said Corina Campos, the sister of the homeowner.

They thought the guys were gone when suddenly they heard shots outside. Campos and a friend ran to see what was going on and ended up in the line of fire.

I was right behind him ... he was just telling him to put the gun down ... he just shot him out of nowhere, she said.

Campos said the shooter was at the party with two friends and they told everyone they were in the military.

A Marine wouldn't do that, they're trained to protect our country and he just put it out there like nothing and he should be stopped, she said.

Campos said the bullets missed her by inches but another man was hit multiple times. Witnesses say the suspect just kept shooting

It could have been anybody with as many shots fired, I'm surprised there wasn't more people down than just one, said Breahna Kohn.

Friends and family of the victim said the man is a local business owner and a devoted father.

What I'm worried about, he has a daughter. Now his daughter doesn't have her father, how do you go from there, where do you go from there, this is not right in the world, said

KING 5's Susan Wyatt and Amy Moreno contributed to this report.

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