BOISE -- An eastern Idaho man is believed to have contracted a rare form of non-contagious fungal meningitis from a contaminated steroid injection linked to a nationwide outbreak.

Officials at the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare haven't released the 60-year-old man's name and condition, citing HIPAA privacy laws.

However, the department did say the man contracted the non-contagious disease from an epidural steroid injection in September.

Officials say the contaminated steroids were shipped to Idaho sometime after July 1st.

Walter Knox Memorial Hospital in Emmett, and Pain Specialists of Idaho in Idaho Falls both received shipments of the contaminated steroid. Officials say four people received injections from Walter Knox, and 35 people received injections at the Idaho Falls pain clinic.

Nationally, the CDC estimates 13,000 people received epidural injections from possibly contaminated steroids. The CDC reports that 138 of those people have become ill from the injections, while 12 have died.

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