SPOKANE VALLEY -- People in one Spokane Valley neighborhood are complaining about mysterious shaking that has been rattling and damaging some homes.

Neighbors in the area of 22nd and Conklin started noticing the jolts last week. The shaking is described as violent and quick.

In a neighborhood more than a quarter mile away, neighbors received letters from a construction crew working on a new development. Workers alerted neighbors about their plans to blast some rock.

Only neighbors living within 300 feet of the blasting zone were notified, but several blocks away one homeowner said the shaking is so bad she counted more than 15 new cracks in her walls and ceiling.

Kerri Thompson said the blasts have even knocked things off her walls. She said the contractor has apologized for the cracks and will look at them.

KREM 2 News attempted to reach the contractor for comment, but did not hear back before Wednesday s deadline.

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