LACEY, Wash. -- Tenino's Mayor will not be charged with any crime, but he said he learned a lesson this week.

Don't kiss anybody in a city vehicle, said Mayor Eric Strawn.

Early Monday evening, Bruce Louis called 911 after he and members at his gym thought they saw a man getting oral sex in a Lacey strip mall parking lot.

The vehicle was a Tenino police car that is being decommissioned so it can be used by city employees.

Inside was Mayor Eric Strawn and a woman he described as a friend. Strawn said he and the woman only kissed.

What he was doing was not a kiss, said Louis, If it was just a kiss we wouldn't be calling the police on him.

Lacey police investigated it as a possible indecent exposure case, but the city decided Wednesday against charging Strawn with any crime.

There was no proof of exposure, said Assistant City Attorney David Snyder.

Louis's wife, Kasey Louis, said she and her clients know what they saw.

You didn't have to see body parts to know what was going on, said Kasey Louis. That was wrong.

The girl pulled his pants down, said Kasey Louis.

Strawn said he does not know why several people told police they saw something he said did not happen.

We were both fully clothed, nothing was even astray that way, said Strawn.

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