SEATTLE - Some neighbors along Lake Washington say the party is getting out of hand around a popular spot for boating. After a crackdown on party spots in the lake, like Kirkland's Juanita Bay, some neighbors say they've seen an influx of boaters looking to party.

Neighbors near Andrews Bay say in some cases, it s not a situation where they re breaking rules. They would just like to ask neighbors on the water to be a little more neighborly.

Neighbor Marty Opacich says there s a Facebook page to promote the party scene there and the area s been given a colorful nickname.

The real name is Andrews Bay but it's referred to now as Cocktail Cove, he said.

Opacich and other neighbors say it s become quite the scene people love to party here and kind of get drunk.

The cove sits next to Seward Park and has become a popular spot.

This place, and Kenmore, is the only place you can anchor overnight Paul Suver said.

Neighbors say that popularity is impacting their quality of life and, possibly, the environment.

It's passed the ridiculous stage, she explained.

They're concerned about litter, traffic, noise and the boat speeds. Several boaters say the majority follow the rules, but there are a few bad apples.

Some boats get rowdy at night, but there are also a lot of family friendly boats out there we bring our kids out and just enjoy the weekend, Jeremy Olson said.

The scene this weekend was fairly quiet and neighbors say that s how it should be. Lately, they've been seeing a different element in the area and hope those people think twice before they ruin it for everyone.

They're completely oblivious to the neighborhood and it's not everyone it's just a few and we don't want to take away their fun, Suver said. Treat our neighborhood like it was their neighborhood.

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