Sidelining Parents at Kid's Sports events

I ve seen it too many times. Shouting matches between parents at little league games. It s a major reason some kids say they want to quit organized sports.

A recent survey by i9, a national youth sports organization, shows parents are spoiling all the fun. Nearly a third of kids ages 8 to 14 said they didn t want adults at their games because of all the yelling, the pressure to win, and the name calling. Geez, what does that tell you when the kids want to sideline their parents? 84-percent said they have quit a team or wanted to quit, mostly because it wasn t fun anymore. i9 says they re trying to bring the fun back to youth sports. Parents have to sign a code of conduct in order to participate. Sad it s come to that, but maybe it ll keep them in check.

Breast Milk Bank

A ground breaking program in Everett, Washington is now helping babies in need. The Human Milk Depot at Providence Regional Medical Center is the first of its kind in the region. It's where healthy, nursing mothers can donate extra breast milk to provide much needed nutrition for premature babies whose moms often can't produce enough. If the idea of your baby drinking another woman s milk churns your stomach, one donor says it s not much different than donating blood. In fact, blood tests are conducted on all the donors to check for diseases. The milk is pasteurized then sent to neonatal intensive care units across the country and prescribed to babies who need it. Providence says it always needs breast milk donors.

Call 425-258-7140 for more information on the Providence Mother's Milk Depot. Or go online to the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

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