MOSES LAKE, Wash.-- Authorities in Grant County released more information Tuesday involving a two-year-old boy weighing less than ten pounds.

Authorities discovered the boy at his parent's Moses Lake houseon the 3800 block of Shorecrest Drive NE last week with no heart beat. Authorities flew him to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane where he remained as of Tuesday. He wasalsoput on life support earlier this week.

The search warrant reveals the child's mother is Michelle Staats. Detectives combed through their home last week for evidence. Detectives pulled some medicine bottles and other evidence from the home.

Documents say the family may have been using naturopath provider for the 2-year-old boy.

The search warrant says that the child had a body core temperature of 89 degrees, a weak pulse, and blood loss from the rectum...The child had no muscle tone, no hair, and it was apparent that the child suffered sever malnutrition. It was also obvious that the child could no even have sat up on his own for sometime.

The search warrant also stated that the boy had no medical history on file. The mother had mentioned that she had consulted with a Chinese herbal provider in the San Francisco area.

Click here to read the full search warrant.

One of the investigating detectives, a 23-year veteran of law enforcement, called this the worst case of child abuse or neglect he has ever seen.

To date, no arrests have been made.

The family s other children, who lived at the home, are in protective custody and will likely not be released any time soon. Deputies said they are fine and show no signs of physical abuse.
The sheriff s office continues to investigate.

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