NORTHBEND -- Investigators said Monday the two women found dead inside a burning house inNorth Bend were fatally shot prior to the fire.

Neighbors reported the fire just afte 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Firefighters found the bodies of 41-year-old Lynette Keller and her 18-year-old daughter Kayleen inside. The mother and daughter had been shot. The family's dog and cat were also shot.

She was the most wonderful girl you would ever want to meet. She was completely selfless, said Lisa Brammer, a family friend speaking about Kayleen.

There was something evil going on in that house, said another neighbor.

Authorities are searching for a person of interest in the deaths.

King County sheriff's officials say 41-year-old Peter A. Keller has been unaccounted for since the fire at the house that he shared with his wife and daughter.

We have two victims who have been shot and killed, weapons are missing from the house, and we have not been able to contact Keller. We want to talk to him to see if he had any involvement in this case, said King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.

Keller is an avid hiker and very familiar with trails in the area. Detectives said Keller has no known history of violence.

Investigators initially believed the entrance to the house may have been intentionally blocked by furniture, however, they no longer believe that is the case.

A 2003 Toyota Corolla that was missing from the house and may be connected to the fire was spotted Sunday evening at the North Bend Library. It was towed and processed for evidence.

Investigators want to speak to anyone who may have seen the car in the library parking lot. They are asked to call the King County Sheriff's Office at 206-296-3311 or call 911.

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