KUNA -- The city of Kuna has a little mystery on its hands. Two city workers found an expensive piece of jewelry that they're trying to return to its owner.

The city has had the jewelry for about a week and still don't have any solid leads. The jewelry is a gold-band diamond ring.

Kuna Mayor Greg Nelson, per advice from an attorney, doesn t want to go into too much detail about what the ring looks like.

When [the workers] cleaned it up, said Nelson. They were really quite surprised and 'wow, this is pretty nice.'

Nelson says the ring could have fallen into a sink and been in the sewer line for as little as a week or as long as six years. They just don't know.

Despite ads in newspapers and talking to people around town, the city's luck was just as much Fool s Gold as ours.

We've had a number of people call, and they have lost rings, but this isn't the ring, said Nelson.

Nelson says because of where the workers found the ring, they're confident that whoever lost it either lived in or near the Gold Creek subdivision near Ten Mile and Deer Flat roads.

If you think the ring might be yours, or know who the rightful owner is, call Kuna City Hall at 922-5546. The mayor says proof, beyond just a description, will help return the ring to its owner.

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