SEATTLE -- Holiday travelers need to prepare for congested interstates and snow in the mountains.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has some predictions about when traffic will be the worst based on historical traffic data.

Along I-5, from Bellingham to the Canadian border, there will likely be increased traffic in both directions most of the day Friday and Monday.

Friday and Monday, if you are traveling anywhere between Olympia and Tacoma along I-5 from late morning until early evening, expect to see more cars than usual. Along that same route, congestion is expected during the later hours on Christmas Eve and during the early afternoon Christmas day.

On I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass, expect westbound congestion from 3-6 p.m. on Monday. When Christmas falls on a weekend, traffic historically increases by nearly 40 percent compared with a typical December weekend, according to WSDOT. Forecasts show a snowstorm will likely hit the mountain passes during this holiday travel weekend.

Construction delays should not be a problem for drivers around the holiday. Work around most road construction sites will move off the highway by noon tomorrow, according to WSDOT.

Driver Mark Bishop said he's happy to stay close to home during the holidays.

My whole family is in town. My wife's whole family is in town. Christmas Eve we go see my family, Christmas Day we go see her family, said Bishop.

City streets in Seattle could also see some traffic congestion. On Christmas Eve, the Seahawks host the 49ers at 1:15 p.m., so expect more traffic around CenturyLink Field.

Get more information on Christmas holiday travel times and road conditions on the WSDOT website.

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