Obesity Linked to Friendship Troubles

Time to get those kids moving! Young children who are obese are more likely to be socially isolated in elementary school according to researchers in Australia. They followed more than 3-thousand children for four years and found that kids who were obese at the start of the study were 20 % more likely to have difficulty with their peers four years later. Researchers say parents should work hard to help their children follow a healthy lifestyle, and encourage them to exercise and participate in group activities.

Unfortunately, sometimes parents get in the way of those activities. How many times have you said Get down from there! Stop running around! We're learning that kids are actually less likely to run, jump or climb when their parents are around. Researchers in North Carolina think it's because parents tell kids not to do those things out of concern for their safety. But instead of just saying no, experts suggest parents give kids limits to learn their own physical capabilities.

Going Back to School Green

Step into your child's school and you'd be amazed at how much waste just one classroom can produce. Lots of schools are trying to turn over a new leaf, a greener one. Lynn and Corey Colwell, of Celebrate Green, have some ways that parents can help too.

*Volunteer to start a garden!
You can use pots if the school isn't willing to give up land. And kids will love to eat what they grow.

*Pack your child s lunch in reusable containers.
And send cloth napkins because all that trash really adds up!

*Volunteer to lead art projects at school.
Show kids how to make things from everyday objects that are usually tossed in the trash. Try searching the web to get some crafty ideas.

*Set up a cap recycling program.
Recycling centers usually don't accept bottle caps and lids. So, set out a collection box at school and you'll keep thousands of caps out of landfills. You can use them for art projects or check out these programs that will accept the caps and recycle them for you.


Caps Can Do Program

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