SPOKANE A woman in northwest Spokane is recovering after wrestling with a pit bull that attacked and killed her dog.

The victim says she even bit the pit bull s ear to try to get the dog to let go.

The victim says she was on her routine morning walk along I street with her neighbor and two dogs. She says the pit bull came right at them.

Laurinda Snow s 4-year-old Yorky named Beethoven was attacked by a pit bull that came out of an alley. Snow says the pit bull grabbed Beethoven in his mouth and would not let go.

Surveillance video captured the entire attack. Snow s neighbor grabbed a hold of Snow s other dog. At the same time, she tried to hit the pit bull to try to get it to let go of Beethoven. She even tried to bit the dog s ear.

The pit bull finally took off after another neighbor ran to help, but it still had a hold of Snow s small dog. They say the pit bull eventually dropped Beethoven in a yard. Snow says Beethoven was dead when they found him with a broken back.

Snow says she went to urgent care Monday afternoon to be treated for a dog bite to a finger.

The pit bull s owner caught the dog and turned it over to SpokAnimal. Officials say the pit bull s owner has several options of what to do because of the attack. Officials say the owner of the pit bull can have the dog euthanized, appeal the case, or take out dangerous dog insurance and other protective measures on the animal.

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