Are Chinese Mothers Superior?

American parents are screwing up their kids. That is, if you buy into the furor over Amy Chua's new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. According to Chua, Asian parents are raising more successful children through strict discipline and determination. An excerptfrom her book was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal under the title, Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.

Amy Chua is a second generation Chinese American, mother of two, anda Yale Law School professor. She argues that Chinese moms raise smarter kids than Western moms. She says it's because Chinese parents don't allow any goofing off, no sleepovers or play dates,no television and no video games. She says Chinese parents insist their children master the violin or piano, and accept nothing less than straight A's. In the book she describes how she threatened to withhold food and bathroom breaks from her then 7-year-old daughter if she didn't play the piano perfectly. Chua says she has since softened her parenting style and argues her memoir was supposed to be self-mocking not a how to guide for the rest of us.

Here's an excerpt from Chua's book. *Chinese parents can order their kids to get straight A's. Western parents can only ask their kids to try their best. Chinese parents can say, you're lazy. All your classmates are getting ahead of you. Western parents have to struggle with their own conflicted feelings about achievement, and try to persuade themselves that they're not disappointed about how their kids turned out.

So what do you think? Is Amy Chua right? Are Western parents too permissive? Scroll down to leave us your comment.

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