COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- It has been six years since the Groene family was devastated by serial killer Joseph Duncan. Steve Groene said tougher laws for violent sex offenders could have saved his children. Now he is using social media to make sure serial killers like Joseph Duncan stay behind bars.

Steve Groene lost his two sons to the hands of Joseph Duncan. Groene also lost his voice to cancer. But his passion for justice has never wavered. Now he is using social media as his new voice to get his message out.

While Joseph Duncan was still in his teens, he attacked a young boy. Then for years he terrorized children and their families. Duncan kidnapped, tortured and raped a 10-year-old California boy, possibly killed two Seattle girls and eventually tortured and killed part of the Groene family in 2005.

I'm not willing to sit back anymore and watch this continue to happen. You know maybe it hasn't happened again here in Coeur d'Alene, but everyday somewhere in this nation this is happening over and over and over, said Groene.

Groene wants a national one-strike law for violent sex offenders. And he is getting support. Inless thana week Groene's Facebook page for his son's Dylan and Slade has tripled in followers. Groene's boys were two of Duncan's five murder victims. His daughter Shasta was tortured but survived. Groene believes a one-strike law may have saved his family.

Who's to say that if this hadn't been done to my boys that one of them might not have been president some day and been the best president this nation ever had, said Groene.

Groene wants strong public support before he takes his ideas to lawmakers.

At this point it's basically just trying to get everybody's interest sparked and try and get as many friends on our Facebook pages, said Groene.

Groene also said his daughter Shasta is doing well. He describes her as a typical 14-year-old.

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