When Christina Adams opened the dog food bought at a Beaverton Pet Smart she said she was shocked at what she found.

I was shocked of course, this is something you re feeding your dog, said Adams. I can t imagine feeding my dogs something that has bugs in it.

Adam s boyfriend, Aviv Hadar, couldn t believe that bugs, both dead and alive, had infested a bag of Purina Beneful dog food that he said was sealed from the store.

How does a bag of dog food like this end up at a Pet Smart in Beaverton? It s Crazy, said Hadar.

Hadar showed KGW the receipt for the purchase of a 56 ounce bag of Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food from Pets Smart in Beaverton on Monday January 3rd.

Hadar said he opened the bag, which was sealed, and as he poured into a dish he saw moth-like bugs, both dead and alive, come pouring out. Hadar called the store and spoke with someone who said they were the manager.

He pretty much gave me the run-around, said Hadar. He pretty much said 'oh, it s not too uncommon, if you want we can maybe replace the bag of food.'

Hadar showed KGW the bag, which had a 'best by November 2010' date on it. Hadar s receipt showed it was purchased January 3rd, 2011.

When KGW checked the shelves at the Beaverton Pets Smart the day after Hadar had spoke with the store manager, we didn t find any outdated Purina products.

A manager who said his name was Clint declined to speak with us for this story.

A Purina spokesperson, Keith Shop said, infestation can occur any time it leaves our manufacturing facilities and typically it happens during transportation. We take calls from consumers very seriously.

Though both Pets Smart and Purina said they wanted to exchange the outdated dog food for a fresh package neither Adams nor Hadar said they would accept it.

If you can t afford to buy the better dog food, make sure you check the expiration dates and that you know what your buying, said Hadar.

Examine the bag, check for expiration dates. When they open the bag to feed their dog. just inspect it carefully and just have their eyes open, said Adams.

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