SPOKANEVALLEY-- A University High Schoolstudent scored a perfect 2400 on her SAT Reasoning Test. Caitlin Hess, 16, is the only student this year in Washington State to accomplish the nearly impossible feat. She also finished the test with time to spare.

Caitlin says she is a procrastinator. She bought a SAT prep book last year and never looked at it.

I remembered about it the night before the day of the test. I got it out and crammed viciously from that night until early the next morning, said Caitlin.

Her late night cram session left her exhausted on the test day. She thought she was going to bomb the test. But when she looked up at the clock, she had finished ten minutes early.

More than 3,700 kids took thetest last year in Washington. About 300 earned a perfect reading score. 200 got it in math and 155 in writing. Caitlin is the only one to do all three.

Relishing in her perfect score is one thing. Handling the new attention is quite another for Caitlin.

It's nice that people do it, recognize me, but it's so embarrassing, said Caitlin.

She just hopes to blend in with all the other perfect scores after being accepted to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Caitlin also skipped a grade. She will be 20 years old when she graduates.

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