COEUR D'ALENE-- A Coeur d'Alene woman and her 70-year-old husband found off burglary suspect in their garage.

Police say the fight led to four arrests in a string of recent crimes.

Officers say 3 people waited in a car outside the home of Stephanie and Bill Harper while suspect Chad Threlkeld broke into the garage and hid inside a motorhome. Stephanie entered the motorhome and that's when officers say Threlkeld jumped out.

I said just get back. I remember screaming. My husband said I sounded like a banshee, said Stephanie Harper. I stepped back and he came after me and I curled up a fist and let him have it. He hit me, but by that time Bill had gotten into the [motorhome] and got him down on the bed.

She said the fight continued between the three of them in the tiny space of the motorhome. Finally, Bill got a choke hold on him, and wrestled Threlkeld down while Stephanie called the police.

I am so proud of my husband, Stephanie said of Bill, who is a retired sheriff's deputy. He is 70-years-old but by God he can still bring down the bad guy.

Police eventually arrested all four suspects.

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