OWYHEE COUNTY -- The Owyhee County Sheriff is demanding the approval for circulation of a recall petition filed against him -- be reversed.

Owyhee County Sheriff Daryl Crandall says the recall petition filed by two former sheriff's office employees contains at least six untrue statements in it.

Sheriff Crandall has privately hired an attorney, David Leroy, to settle this matter.

In a letter written to the Owyhee County clerk, Leroy says they will take legal action against her if the petition circulation approval is not withdrawn.

Jessica DeGeus is one of the employees who drafted the petition. She says Crandall not living up to campaign promises is one of the reasons for the petition. Other reasons listed include a hostile work environment, lack of patrols in the City of Marsing, and a lack of cooperation with other agencies and the media.

According to the letter, The Elmore County Sheriff's Office has sent an incident report to the Elmore County Prosecutor because of alleged falsehoods that could result in felony charges.

In a statement given to NewsChannel 7 in July, Crandall says, The recall petition was brought forward by two former employees who are disgruntled with the Sheriff's Office.

DeGeus said that is a false statement in itself, They're not false. They're true. I worked there for five and a half years, 14 or 15 months of it was under Daryl. I witnessed it. Several of us witnessed it.

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