FILER, Idaho -- The man who police say led them on a high speed chase through Buhl and Filer before getting shot in the head by a police officer was arraigned in court Tuesday.

Markus May, 23, of Buhl faces up to 105 years in prison if he is found guilty of shooting another man in the leg Saturday night then running from police.

While in court Tuesday,the prosecuting attorney said thatMay went to visit his ex-girlfriend at a home in Buhl.

At this point it isn't clear what caused the situation to escalate, but witnesses told police that May shot at another man from Oregon four times with a handgun.

One of those bullets hit the man in the leg.

The man ran inside the Buhl home with May's ex-girlfriend, locked the doors and barricaded themselves in.

May broke into the home and fired three more times, but didn't hit anyone. He then ran from the scene.

Several law enforcement agencies responded and found May in his car. That began a chase that went through the streets of Buhl and Filer before coming to an end at a home on Highway 30.

The prosecutor said officers used spike strips and even rammed May's car with theirs to get him to stop.

At some point, whichisn't clear, a Filer Police officer shot May in the head while he was still in the car.

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebstells KTVB the bullet didn't go through May's skull and may still be in his head.

May faces a felony charge of aggravated battery, aggravated assault and burglary -- each with a weapon enhancement.

He also faces a felony charge of eluding officers.

Since each of those charges are separate, May could face a combined sentence of up to 105 years in prison if found guilty.

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