MELBA -- Two people are dead after a mobile home in Melba goes up in flames.

Investigators are working to identify the victims, but neighbors believethey aretwin sisters that lived in the home.

When I left here, the fire was clear up, I mean, it started the trees on fire, that's whatI seen anyway, said neighbor Thelma Kennedy.

I just thought I was so close that probably the ashes or something might get on it, so not thatI could do anything, said neighbor Madge Wylie. I thoughtI would dash up here and see. I know they are in there,I just know they are, but there was nothingI could do.

Neighbors on either side of the destroyed mobile home were away when the fire started, but word quickly spread, and they returned home to see what was happening.

Big flames, I mean, it was so high, the flames was really high, said Kennedy.

One of the initial reports was from the maintenance supervisors for school district, that was working in his shop, said Canyon County Sheriff's Lt. Marv Dashiell. He looked across the street and could see flames above the levels of the homes, actually thought it was one of the large trees on fire, came over to the house and saw the house itself was on fire, began pounding on the outside of the house, tried to raise somebody inside, no success at that point.

Fire crews from several agencies responded, and quickly worked to stop the fire. Immediately they determined there was one victim. Then more bad news.

As the mop up was being completed inside the residents, the fire department in one of the rear bedrooms found a second victim, saidDashiell.

Neighbors believe the victims are twin sisters who moved to Melba from California and lived in the trailer together.

Just quiet,stay to themselves more than anything, but they seemed really nice, nice girls, said Kennedy

The mobile home is across the street from Melba Elementary School. All 320 students who were in attendance Tuesday were moved to the high school for several hours. The school's principal says the intensity of the smoke was too much for the students.

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