SEASIDE,Ore. -- A mystery is washing up on the northern Oregon Coast as beachgoers began finding dead squid Wednesday.

Just along the Seaside beach alone, 45 squid have washed up onto shore.

They are Humboldt squid, some up to five-feet long.

Keith Chandler, general manager of Seaside Aquarium, says it's not that unusual to find squid washed up on beaches in the early fall, but this many this late is strange.

They usually come up in the summertime following warmer water currents and sometimes they get trapped in the cold water and they can't handle it, Chandler said. They die and end up washing up on the beaches.

Chandler says the squid usually swim back down south once the water cools. But their presence this late in the season, could be evidence of warmer ocean water.

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