Video: Confusion over chicken pox vaccination

MONROE, Wash. - An outbreak of chicken pox has nearly closed Salem Woods Elementary School in Snohomish County.

More than a dozen cases of chicken pox this month prompted the Snohomish County Health District to take emergency steps to keep it from spreading through the community.

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Nearly 400 unvaccinated children were told they needed shots before they'd be allowed in class.

A new state law requiring two shots by the time the child reaches middle school is causing confusion.

"I didn't realize that it was now required for a second vaccine," parent Teresa Allen-Martin said. "So we were surprised by that."

The chicken pox virus is spread airborne and is highly contagious. You could be contagious for two days before showing symptoms of an itchy rash with blisters.

The Newton twins got their shots and can now return to school.

"I think it should be community wide," parent Melissa Newton said. "Not just one school but through the whole community."

The school district is monitoring other schools for the virus.

On Saturday they'll open a clinic in Monroe at Providence Physician Group. It will cost $15.

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