Video: Customer service goes into deep freeze

PUYALLUP, Wash. - John Gambill and his family of five are keeping their food on ice, literally.

"We've got to keep everything in here, keep the milk standing up," he said. "It's getting to the time where we need to get more ice; got to keep some snacks in here for the kids."

The Gambills are living out of a cooler because their new $2700 Samsung refrigerator quit working after 55 days.

"Got up one morning, water all down the front, all over the floor. I'm like, what the heck happened?" he recalled.

After three service calls, still no one knows what went wrong. The company quickly promised a replacement, but that was almost a month ago.

"I want it fixed or replaced," he said.

The calendar on the Gambills' wall has kept track of every frustrating and seemingly fruitless call made to Samsung.

"They wouldn't let you talk to anyone in the approval department, they won't let you talk to a supervisor, nothing. You tell them this is unacceptable. It's been this many days and they say we're sorry," said John.

I sent an e-mail trying to give the company a little push.

Their response?

"We are working with the customer to resolve the issue as part of our normal course of customer service."

Hmm. I hope waiting almost a month for promised goods is not part of Samsung's "normal course of business."

Two days later after writing my new pen pal at Samsung, the Gambills got a new refrigerator.

What's the lesson here?

"Get Jesse," the Gambills advise.

Here's Samsung's side: The Gambills were approved for a new replacement, but an employee put the wrong account number in for the fridge. The order then became lost in the system.

I'm glad we were able to help them find it.

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