SEATTLE The Northwest Cannabis Market is no longer the only cannabis farmers market in the state, but it may be the largest.

I have some medicated fudge here, Julie Guterson told a patient. I ve also got medicated iced tea.

Guterson runs a booth called Julie s Market Menu at the market near Beacon Hill.

It s not going to mess you up in the head. I m not about that. I want your body to relax and help you feel better, she said.

The high-quality strains and large variety keep medical marijuana patients coming back. The market served 250,000 last year.

With all these people here to help you and explain to you, it s really helpful, Conner Sweere said.

The idea behind the market was Michael Keysor s dream to create a safe, clean, reliable place for a 65-year old woman to buy medicine.

I think it takes the care of a master grower, he said.

Keysor created the Northwest Cannabis Market in 2011 with a couple employees. Now he opens his market to 65 vendors, some of whom pay $2,000 per month to rent their booth.

I ve recorded growth every single day of the existence of this company, Keysor said.

Today, the market has two locations that see 750 patients every day.

Roman Williams is a regular arthritis patient. The strains he buys help him play tennis and golf.

I had cancer at one time too. This helps out, Williams said. You re not doing this just to get stoned.

The Northwest Cannabis Market expects to welcome 50 new patients.

It will grow today. It grows every single day, Keysor said.

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