SEATTLE-- Some areas of Western Washington received more than a month s worth of rain Wednesday morning, causing some areas of urban flooding after a long dry spell and sending oil across a major Bellevue street.

Bob Healy got a call that oil pits in his Formula 1 Fast Lube store were full of water - dark, murky water mixed with dirty oil.

I was like what? What are you talking about? he said.

That water overflowed onto the streets and crews had to move fast to clean it up.

The city of Bellevue says an ongoing construction project required them to have silt socks in the drains to collect debris from rainwater. Healy believes those filters caused the flooding.

It seems pretty evident the restriction on the drain caused the pooling of the water. The pooling of the water caused the damage in the store, he said.

We will look at all the different reasons for why this happened, said Tresa Berg, Bellevue City Transportation.

Record rainfall

Between midnight and 6 a.m. Wednesday, Sea-Tac Airport received 1.07 inches of rain. That s more than the average monthly rainfall for August at Sea-Tac (0.88 inch). The old record for Aug. 13 was 0.33 inch.

Sea-Tac Airport is where the official records for Seattle are taken.

Other areas that received heavy amounts of rain (as of 6 a.m. Wednesday):

  • University Place: 1.46 inches Wednesday; 1.61 inches in two days
  • Bellevue: 0.92 inch; 1.16 inches in two days
  • North Bend: 0.55 inch; 1.23 inches in two days

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