SEATTLE -- Rain east of the Cascades is bringing a new threat of potential mudslides following a rash of large wildfires throughout Washington state.

Officials with Washington's Department of Natural Resources are working with landowners to identify potential problem areas. Scattered heavy rains are anticipated in the Carlton Complex area and other places Tuesday and Wednesday, according to KING 5 meteorologists and NOAA forecasters.

Local officials in Okanogan County say they are concerned about the barren mountainsides. In places like Pateros, there's not much vegetation left surrounding the city.

Most of what I'm hearing ... there's not a whole lot that we can do, but we're doing absolutely everything that we can do, Okanogan County firefighter Carlene Anders said.

Anders is hoping Mother Nature won't strike her mountainside community twice. The potential for surface erosion as a result of burned vegetation has residents and local officials worried. In Pateros, what the state calls fairly gentle slopes are not a significant concern -- but anything is possible.

It does make me nervous, admitted Anders. Our vegetation is really important and we've lost more than you can fathom almost. So we do need to figure out plans for evacuation.

The threat has the Department of Natural Resources monitoring potential erosion areas.

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