A Redmond man has been charged with first degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of Cara Neil, 17, in Redmond on July 18.

Daniel J. Haggart, 25, was initially charged with attempted murder, but Neil died from her injuries last week and the charge was amended to murder on Friday.

The King County Prosecutor s Office said the stabbing allegedly followed an argument Haggart was having with his girlfriend.

Court documents say Haggart premeditated his attack and that he texted his girlfriend that he was going to stab the next person he saw and within 10 minutes of the message he stabbed Neil.

Documents say the following messages were sent:

07/18/2014 1032pm: if u dont' call me I'm stabbing the first person I see
07/18/2014 1035pm cause I'm going to kills someone. Since I can't live without u
07/18/2014 1038pm: u better let me know cause I'm killing the first I see
07/18/2014 1039pm: and i will get killed by RPD

When Neil came to the defense of Haggart s girlfriend, Haggart became angry at Neil and allegedly stabbed her in the chest, documents say.

Neil suffered a puncture to her heart.

Court documents say when police arrived at the scene, an officer saw Haggart with a knife in his hand.

When another officer approached Haggart with a camera to document scratches on Haggart's body, Haggart spit in the officer's face, documents say.

There were several witnesses, including friends of Haggart and Neil, and employees and patrons of nearby businesses.

Vicky and Bill Neil, Cara's parents, said their daughter defined exuberance. They are grateful for the community support they have received. In Duvall, where Vicky Neil has been a business owner for a decade, stores on Main Street have been collecting donations to help the family. You can learn more about the community effort here:

Documents say Haggart has prior convictions for trafficking assault, theft and trafficking stolen property.

Haggart is in jail with bail set at $1 million.

Arraignment is scheduled for August 6.

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