SEATTLE -- Twenty-three-year-old Laila Abudahi plans to study electrical engineering at University of Washington if the violence in Gaza ever ends.

Abudahi planned to move to Seattle this month.

Instead, she s trapped in Gaza, all exits to Palestinians blocked. Abudahi posted on Facebook: So is this ever gonna end?

It s a simple question posed about one of the world's most complicated conflicts, even though both sides believe the answer is simple.

It's literally minute by minute survival. I'm scared when I check my phone, explained Lena Tuffaha.

Tuffaha is one of Abudahi s dear friends, praying for her regularly from Washington, hoping to welcome her soon.

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The daily death toll of Palestinian civilians in Gaza numbers over 100, totaling more than 600 over the last two weeks.

Nearly two dozen Israeli troops have also died.

There's no excuse for killing innocent people, Tuffaha said.

Like many Palestinians, Tuffaha believes the situation is aggravated by Israeli occupation of Gaza and the suffering of people living in what she calls a prison.

KING 5 spoke with Abudahi by phone after plans to Skype were canceled when she reported heavy artillery fire in the area, forcing her to seek refuge in a home with three other families.

I was like, 'Where to run? Where to go?' Abudahi said. We are not people who like to die. We don't take our sons as human shields.

Robert Jacobs works for Stand With Us, an Israeli advocacy and education center.

From Israel's perspective, nobody wants to be in a war, Jacobs said.

Jacobs worries about his family as well, many of whom have lived under the fear of bombs and violence in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

He blames Hamas putting their own people at risk with violence, like the missile strike prompting the FAA's ban on U.S. airplanes flying to or from Tel Aviv's airport

For Israel, it means you have to do something, Jacobs said. If it's bad for the Israelis right now, it's also bad for the Palestinians.

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