PORTLAND -- A one-eyed Portland cat whose Facebook page went viral has been stolen, according to his owner.

Sir Stuffington, a one-eyed kitten with a disfigured jaw became an Internet sensation after he was rescued and turned into a cute little pirate on Facebook by his new owner.

The story of his rescue and transformation went viral, getting picked up on websites including the Huffington Post and Mother Jones. His Facebook page has some 54,000 fans.

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Now the cat is all grown up and he s been stolen, according to owner Aisley Demonas.

All was well enough only 20 hours ago. Sir Stuffington was headed off to bed according to his Facebook page. But Tuesday morning, Demonas reported that someone removed a screen from her apartment s window and stole the cat overnight. She s filed a police report.

Demonas is offering a $1,000 reward for his return.

Last year, KGW reported that Blazer Schaffer has been taking care of the Sir Stuffington. Demonas and Schaffer were taking care of the cat together, according to Facebook. The two recently parted ways according to a post.

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