FREEMAN, Wash-- Flooding over Jackson Road south of Spokane Thursday took out an eight-foot culvert and part of the roadway above it.

Officials said the standing water was too heavy and forced the culvert to cave in.

Crews were forced to close a large stretch of the road.

School District officials said school buses would have to be re-routed for months until crews fix the damage.

I was helping a friend out, went down to check that road while he was in a meeting, said district official Kirk Lally. Went down and took pictures and decided we better not send a bus there.

Although the flood was not the in the area, nobody expected the amount of damage it caused.

District official Everett Combs said, A little bit surprised to see that kind of damage, but it s been happening quite a bit the last few weeks.

County staff said they needed the rain to stop, the water level in the creek to drop, and the concrete to dry before repairs could begin.

Members of the Spokane County Engineering Department said they hoped to have the road repaired and re-opened before Fall.

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