SPOKANE, Wash-- Opposing teams fans storming the court created a concern for Gonzaga basketball players during the 2013-2014 season.

The team s standings in the Western College Conference made them a big target for fans ready to storm the court.

Head Coach Mark Few said across the country, some facilities were more equipped to handle the large crowds than others.

We ve certainly had incidents before where fans have bumped us or ran into us or got into our faces at the end of the game, Few said.

When San Diego beat the Zags 69-66, fans created an anxious moment for the players.

Another example was the team s loss in Portland.

Similar instances made court storming the center of debate for basketball leagues.

Some conferences have banned storming. For example, The Southeastern Conference fines schools when fans end up on the floor after games, with penalties reaching $50,000.

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