UPDATE: Police found the jeep in Granite Falls, Wash. Thursday night. The stereo had been taken, and the wheels had been replaced. The dash had been torn apart, but the body and engine appear to be fine.

SEATTLE -- A young cancer patient who is in Seattle for a bone marrow transplant suffered another kind of setback. His custom jeep was stolen Tuesday night from his motel parking lot; he has the surveillance video and hopes the public can help him get his wheels back.

I just got it about a month ago, said 20-year old Donovan Doroski of Hood River,Oregon. I've been saving up a long time for it and I'm pretty disappointed that someone would do that.

The video from the motel near Denny Park shows someone casing the parking lot, trying the locked door of the 1999 Jeep Cherokee, then leaving, only to return less than an hour later. The suspect unlocked the car (with a key!) and drove it off.

Doroski is in Seattle to prepare for a bone marrow transplant that could save his life.

He was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma two years ago. The custom Jeep Cherokee distracted him from his physical battle.

It's devastating, said his father, Keith Doroski, who will be Donovan's marrow donor in a couple weeks. Donovan's already going through quite a bit. This Jeep is one of the things he used to focus on.

The vehicle is a 1999 white two-door Jeep Cherokee with Bushwacker fender flares, large black tires and a decal that says XTCTruck and Toy across the top of the back window.

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