POCATELLO -- Police in eastern Idaho are investigating after the bodies of four family members were found dead in a Pocatello home.

The bodies were discovered Sunday night after family members went to check on Bill and Ross Parrish. They live in the Highland area of Pocatello.

Bill's cousin, Craig Parrish, told KPVI that the family did not attend church Sunday and failed to show for a family gathering Sunday night. They did not respond to text messages or phone calls. Family members went to check on them Sunday evening and discovered the bodies.

Bannock County Coroner Kim Quick believes the cause of death is carbon monoxide poisoning. Authorities are checking appliances in the home, including a water heater for a possible leak.

Bill Parrish was a dentist on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. He and his wife, Ross, had two boys, ages 14 and 12, living at the home. Quick said some of the victims were sleeping when they passed away.

There are two other children in the family. They are currently serving missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One is in Portland, Oregon and the other in North Dakota. They have both been notified and will be returning to Pocatello soon.

There was no carbon monoxide detector in the home, according to the coroner.

Carbon monoxide has no odor, color or taste. It diminishes your ability to absorb oxygen. Symptoms are often mistaken for something else. When carbon monoxide problems develop slowly, they can be mistaken for the flu.

If there's a leak, there's reason to worry. Sources could include unvented gas space heaters, leaking furnaces or automobile exhaust in garages.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests a carbon monoxide alarm near every area of your home that is used for sleeping.

CDC information on carbon monoxide poisoning

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